i live next door to a dog and it howls every morning at about 8am continuously i fucking hate it it’s a piece of shit

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     all text posts in october must be
              formatted like this


sits ;3;

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kitchikishangout asked:
anal tear

vaginal fissure


"We’re preparing you for the real world"

I don’t meant to alarm you but

the real world has calculators


nothing pisses me off more than the fact that 90% of women’s jeans have non-functioning pockets but baby clothes have proper pockets? what are babies carrying around that i’m not? baby wallets? fuck off

I logged into a wifi hotspot and bought a days worth of internet so i am here ewe

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I still have no internet at home e3e

So I’m chilling in the library for now, curses

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ask-detective-kirkland replied to your post:Hellooo

;w;)~ Stay safe babu and give Flynn some kissus from me.

Yiss yiss ;w; I will! 

My food cupboards are so empty xwx I need snacks quickly! Too bad the store is much further this time but I do have a bike to help me get there.
Once I get internet again we should play some games and do streams!

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