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Anonymous asked:
It's not a lesbian movie Anna and marine are related

tumblr is horribly misleading I’ve had a few saying it’s not what it seems now so i withdraw my statement due to horrible confusion ewe

my head hurts

iiiinteresting ewe we will see how this plays out

for now I will draw cartoon characters

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[ *Coughs out coffee* Thank you- ;__; ]

Nox is A+ >3<

the different drinking age in america really screws me up when i’m reading man why is there such a huge age difference

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if my brother’s a dick at the dinner table i leave

so basically i just eat in my room now

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I’ve been cutting my own hair for like 3 years now and doing the back is still the hardest things ever

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lacie-senpai asked:
i can tell you some real shit about fighting, my brother was approached at our HOUSE by a kid from school who basically threatened him and asked for a fight so my brother beat the shit out of him, he goes to school the next day and is suspended for fighting, but he wasn't fighting IN SCHOOL, or in school time just at our house in our neighborhood, that's real shit right there.


that’s way out of their judgement zone, they can’t do stuff if it was off campus aw hella I would set the school on fire

aura981 asked:
I remember seeing on the news once that this bully was beating up a kid. But this kid managed to fight back, and managed to break the bully's nose or something like that. Because of that the bully's mom was gonna sue the child's parents. A person they interviewed said the child shouldn't have fought back. It's really ridiculous :/

Aw hell no if someone hits you, hit them back twice as hard for having the audacity to do it in the first place

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Anonymous asked:
At one of my elementary schools when I was younger, the teachers weren't allowed to tell parents if their kid was being bullied or if they thought that they were. They also weren't really supposed to "interfere".

Daaaaaym that’s a different kind of messed up, it’s basically turning a blind eye. How do they sleep at night

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