bro those teeth took frickin ages

progress ewe

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i’m 3D modelling a zippleback head so we’ll see how well this goes soon!

What colour should it be?

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im tired of things costing money

the expression sliders were my FAVOURITE


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for those wondering about my Skyrim character o3o

got me some sweet sliders so I could make the scarred eye squinted and the eyelid slightly damaged and on show

he’s called Smoke-Walker which is intentionally close to S(tef)-Walker ewe hella this is the first time i’ve been able to half name a character after myself

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get the mod with the huge floppy penis

the future is now

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guess who got skyrim for her new pc aw yeh

i’ve had in console for year but now i have all the expansions AND MODS

ima draw my argonian later ewe)9

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messaged estate agent about pets ewe)9 

we’ll see if flynn can come with me or not
(though I can always find loopholes to bring him)

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