I found my england wig booyah

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england: america are you trying to blow up the planet

america: i will if it means i’ll beat russia

england: america no

I seriously thought you had three hands for a second there

one hand for each egg






The Definitive Stereotype Map Of Britain And Ireland

qichi asked:
i checked your about link expecting an actual about page cuz i was curious to see what you wrote and it's just.. a waffle.. it's just a waffle.. stef...

it’s who i really am inside

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Anonymous asked:
/whispers/ You're cosplaying an Argonian? ono

I am indeed! OwO

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Anonymous asked:
Stef, in all my days, I don't think I have ever met such a socially hesitant yet genuinely friendly person. It's amazing to me that, in spite of how few words you use, your personality still shines through. You are a devoted friend and a kind individual. You have FANTASTIC potential and I fully believe that your heart and passion will give you a voice louder than any other in your field. Never stop, Stef. ;) You're amazing.

Uguuuu /3\

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Anonymous asked:
I think your a butt



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